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No, Worklink is an employment support service and not a recruitment service. We work with employers and jobseeker organisations to provide a channel for the business community to get involved in labour activation.

Yes, Worklink has six regional networks throughout the country based in: Limerick, Sligo, Athlone, Cork, Galway, and Waterford. Our regional networks are continuing to expand.

Worklink will assign a volunteer to your organisation to discuss the best options for you to get involved in labour activation; these options include both schemes for direct employment as well as work placement and internship schemes. Employers can also volunteer their services to Worklink as part of their CSR activity where employees could act as programme mangers, jobseeker mentors or other services that might be required by Worklink such as marketing, IT and other supports.

Worklink provides information on the different services that are available to you as a jobseekers who is interested in getting involved in labour activation. There might be a scheme that you feel would suit an employer and you could suggest it to them. Additionally, there is a list of jobseeker organisations that provide services directly to you. We also provide a list of the internships that we have helped to set up in our News section and for which you may apply if you are eligible.

Worklink has a bank of jobseeker mentors who can offer their professional skills and experience in areas such as career coaching, job search strategies, interview coaching, CV preparation, life coaching, and other opportunities that your organisation might require such as a speaker on a specific topic or sector. You can contact Worklink directly to discuss these opportunities further by email on or telephone 01-2916603 or you can register your interest.

Worklink offers you the opportunity to use your skills and experience to engage with labour activation. There are two primary Worklink volunteer roles, the programme manager volunteer and the jobseeker mentor volunteer. As a volunteer you will make a difference to someone’s life, help to change the way things work for the better, develop new skills, put existing skills to good use, and get involved in your community. In addition you can simply make a donation to Worklink.

Worklink provides a channel for education/training/service providers to offer their services to employers acting as host organisations for internships. It is an opportunity for service providers to develop a relationship with companies and organisations that could partner with them in future training activities.

The Worklink office will send you more information on:

  • Volunteering: The volunteering opportunities in Worklink and a volunteer application form for you to complete and return to the Worklink office.

  • Host Organisation: The way Worklink provides services to host organisations and a host organisation application form to complete and return to the Worklink office.

  • Jobseeker Organisation: The types of Worklink volunteers that could get involved in your organisation. Worklink will discuss with you what jobseeker services you require and how Worklink can facilitate these.

  • Education/Training/Service Provider: The types of companies or organisations that could best use your services as part of labour activation activities.

Yes, you will need to complete an application form and attend an informal briefing session. This is a two-way process which allows Worklink to learn more about you and you to learn more about Worklink and decide if this volunteering opportunity meets your needs and interests.

One of the strengths of Worklink is the diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences our volunteers bring to their roles. Volunteers are likely to come with human resources, professional and/or business skills and will probably have experience in recruitment, human resource or operational management.  The Worklink office will be able to tell you more about the specific opportunities they can offer you, but you can read more about volunteer roles in the volunteer section of this website. All volunteers will take part in an induction to give them a clearer understanding of labour activation in Ireland today.

All Worklink volunteers will take part in a one-day induction.  The induction consists of working through the volunteer toolkit developed for Worklink volunteers. There is also a volunteer forum on the Worklink website where volunteers can share experiences and ask for advice from other volunteers.

All volunteers are fully supported throughout their involvement with Worklink. The Worklink office is available to volunteers to address any queries that arise and to offer support to volunteers in the course of their duties . There is also a volunteer forum where volunteers can discuss issues that arise.

There is no minimum time requirement to volunteer with Worklink. You can discuss the time you have available, your interests and skills with the Worklink office and how they fit with Worklink’s needs.

Programme manager volunteers tend to operate during business hours as they will be interacting with host organisations during their daily operations. Other roles such as the jobseeker mentor are more flexible in the times that you can volunteer. Some roles even allow you to work from home or part of the time e.g. fundraiser, PR officer.

No, Worklink does not reimburse volunteers for out of pocket expenses incurred.

Register your interest and Worklink will then contact you to talk through options. We will discuss the roles you are interested in and when you can start. We would aim to have you starting as soon as possible.

Worklink volunteers need to have some form of prior experience in areas such as HR or business. There is no upper age limit to volunteer with Worklink.

Yes, you can. A number of volunteers choose to volunteer after retirement and we welcome applications from these experienced professionals. Older volunteers are valued by local employers for their patience, self-assurance and resourcefulness, as well as for their professional skills.

Some roles offer opportunities for evening or week-end work although programme managers will tend to operate during normal office hours.

Students, particularly postgraduate, in HR and business subjects will find that Worklink complements their studies and provides them with valuable work skills for the future. Speak to Worklink to find out how you can fit your time with that of Worklink.

You can get involved with Worklink in lots of other ways including setting up local/regional networks, fundraising and by making a donation.

If you have any more questions we would love to hear from you.  Please email or call us on 01-2916603.

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