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There are many ways that YOU can help Worklink achieve our mission:

  • Volunteer as a Worklink company advisor or career coach if you have experience and skills which you wish to use to support employers/host companies and/or jobseekers . We will help match the time availability, professional skills and work preferences of each volunteer to the services required by specific employers and jobseeker groups.
  • There may be other volunteer roles you wish to suggest depending on your background and interests
  • As a Host organisation we can help you provide work placement opportunities to jobseekers and avail of the talent and programmes available
  • If you are a HR or business leader, become a volunteer yourself and/or encourage your teams and colleagues to get involved. Those involved will be contributing to a rewarding and valuable CSR initiative focused on job creation in Ireland.
  • As a jobseeker, you can join our network to help us to develop our services and encourage others to participate in the various employment programmes available.
  • Become a Worklink Service Provider if you want to offer your services to help jobseekers or employers or host organisations who are participating in work activation programmes.
  • Become a Worklink Sponsor if you are a company/organisation that can offer financial support or other support that will directly help Worklink deliver its goals.
  • Donate to Worklink or help us to raise funds so that we can deliver and expand our services. Worklink is a not for profit organisation staffed mainly by professional volunteers.

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