What is Worklink?

Worklink aims to assist unemployed job seekers to reach their employment goals through confidence building and job readiness programmes. This assistance is provided by a network of volunteers around the country who work in the fields of human resources, recruitment and training. We develop programmes that utilise their expertise and skills so that they can provide additional help to unemployed people, and the various organisations that support them. Jobseekers access these supports via volunteer led workshops, career coaching, one to one mentoring, online content and advice, and information via telephone and email. 

We also work closely with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the association for Human Resources professionals in the UK and Ireland. As the official ‘volunteer arm’ of the CIPD we have a strong relationship with a range of small, medium and large employers, and seek to develop connections between these employers, state services, and charitable organisations working with jobseekers. We believe that by strengthening these relationships and working together we can find inclusive, innovative and effective new solutions to unemployment in Ireland.

Worklink services were established in March 2012 and so far we have assisted over 1500 job seekers with the support of over 200 professional volunteers. In 2014 we aim to recruit an additional 200 volunteers to support our nationwide expansion.  We currently operate in Co. Cork, Co. Dublin, Co. Limerick, Co. Louth, Co. Sligo, and Co. Galway.

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